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Coaching Services


At Step By Step Coaching, we help you explore your personal and professional dreams and aspirations, and design the steps you can take to realize them.

  • Personal Coaching – Learn how personal coaching can help you create a vision for the future you want and a pathway to achieve it
  • Retirement Life Planning - Look beyond your financial plan to explore what you want to do and who you want to be as you approach ”seniority”
  • Career Transitions – Determine a destination and the map for your transition journey with a coach who is expert at navigating career and life changes

Our individual coaching sessions take place on the telephone, so geography is never an issue. Together we will decide on the frequency and length of your coaching calls. While most clients prefer and work best with an hour every week or every other week, we believe flexibility to meet your particular needs is at the heart of the coaching experience.

We also offer group coaching, seminars and workshops on life and career transitions. Typically, these are designed for corporations (to offer to employees), colleges and professional schools (for alumni), and professional organizations (for their members).

Rosemary Byrne has developed one such workshop, Preparing for Senior Status™, which is designed for baby boomer attorneys and other professionals who may be considering retirement or other shifts in their work-life-leisure balance. The workshop assists them to prepare for, determine and enjoy the next chapters of their life journey.

If you or your colleagues are ready to take the first step toward change or transition – whether it involves life goals, your career development, or your retirement or Senior Status™ planning, please contact us.