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Helping you define and prepare for your
version of retirement

Do you believe that a strong financial plan will guarantee you a successful retirement life? Are you approaching a point in your life or career where you want something more or something different? Are you asking yourself “Now What?”

If so, it is time to consider retirement life planning with Rosemary Byrne and Step By Step Coaching.

If you have followed the sage advice of your broker or financial adviser, even with recent market setbacks you probably have a “financial plan” for your retirement. Hopefully you’ve maximized your pension contributions, utilized employer matching, funded your IRA and diversified your portfolio. In short, you’re doing whatever you realistically can to ensure that your “golden years” are truly “golden.”

For the 78 million of us commonly known as "baby boomers", however, financial planning and retirement planning are not synonymous. A financial plan -- no matter how well-funded or successful it may be – is not a life plan. Your financial plan tells you what you will have to spend – it doesn’t help you with what you will do with your time and resources or who you will be in this new stage of life our parents called “retirement.”

Are you thinking -- I’M A BABY BOOMER – I’LL NEVER RETIRE!
Many baby boomers consider retirement an arcane concept with highly negative connotations and we reject it out of hand. Yet, whether we euphemistically call it retirement, Seniority (Rosemary's personal favorite), "Rewirement", the "Next Chapter", the "Third Age", career transitioning or just slowing down, there does come a time when most of us are ready to assess and perhaps alter our work-life-leisure balance. WE CAN’T AVOID OR IGNORE THIS TRANSITION SIMPLY BECAUSE WE DON’T LIKE THE WORD USED TO DESCRIBE IT.

As we approach transitioning out of our current job or profession or having it play a lesser role, the question we most frequently ask is “NOW WHAT?” With the mix of anticipation, dread, excitement and fear that typically accompanies life changes, we wonder what we will do and how we will identify ourselves in this new chapter. It’s ironic. We’ve planned for so many other phases of our lives – our education, family, career. Yet, we seem content to leave this critical 35 or 40 year span of our lives to chance. RETIREMENT LIFE PLANNING CAN HELP YOU PREPARE FOR AND DEVELOP A SUCCESSFUL STRATEGY FOR THIS TRANSITION.

Working individually or in groups we will explore how your time is spent now – your current work, life, leisure balance and how (or if) you would like that allocation to change as you approach seniority. Together we will assess your priorities and values, what you want more or less of in your life, what you need and want to achieve, how you want you retirement life to look, and who you would like to be in this new period of your life.

Whether you need help in planning the itinerary for your senior life journey or implementing the plans and dreams you already have – we are there to work with you.

This is your time – make the most of it – be prepared.

Take the first step toward defining and planning the senior life you want and deserve. Contact Step by Step for a complimentary consultation.