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What people are saying about Rosemary byrne
and Step By Step Coaching

“Rosemary has a rare ability to listen and really hear what others are saying, and to help them explore a problem or a dilemma with insightful questions and a good sense of humor. She guided me in clarifying my own goals and objectives, and helped me focus on the ways I could achieve them.”
     —PDM, New Jersey healthcare professional

“When I became Rosemary’s client, I had one large issue about my work life and several small nagging situations that I had not clearly defined in my own mind. Rosemary’s help over the course of a few short weeks was invaluable. Through careful listening, clear insights and a lovely sense of humor, Rosemary helped me identify in my own mind the directions I wanted to pursue. In short, she enabled me to find my own problem resolutions.”
     —EDR, art historian from New York

“Rosemary listens and hears what a client says. When working with me on a career transition, she encouraged and enabled me to consider a broader range of options and solutions. She used her acute lawyering skills to ask pertinent questions that drew out concerns and issues that I had not initially expressed. She maintained an objective perspective, never making me feel she had a judgment or an opinion about the issues at hand or indicating that she valued any particular course of action or result over another. The focus was on me, my needs and what would ultimately help me achieve my goals.”
     —BAB, successful transition client from Westchester

“While Rosemary has never formally ‘coached’ me, in the 18 years I have known her, I have frequently sought her help and guidance in resolving a variety of personal and career issues. I am constantly impressed by her intelligence, her incisive mind, and her ability to synthesize complicated information. But most of all, I am always impressed by her ability to listen and make pertinent and helpful suggestions toward the solution of a problem or insightful comments even in a casual conversation.”
     —LFO, investment planner from New York.